August 7, 2013, Chandler Science Cafe: Meteorites and the Origin of the Solar System

Melissa Morris (assistant director of ASU’s Center for Meteorite Studies), meteorite collector Fredric Stephan, and Laurence Garvie (collection manager of ASU’s Center for Meteorite Studies) hold samples of the center’s newest acquisition: A meteorite that has been suggested to hail from planet Mercury. Photo by: Andy DeLisle

Please join us Wednesday, August 7, 2013, 7pm, Gangplank, 260 S. Arizona Ave., Chandler, for Chandler Science Cafe at Hack Night with guest Laurence Garvie, Center for Meteorite Studies, for a casual conversation about Arizona geology & meteorites. Presented in association with Arizona SciTechFestival.

Dr. Garvie, Research Professor and Collections Manager, Center for Meteorite Studies, Arizona State University, studies the physical and chemical processes that shaped our Solar System.

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